Size Guide 

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It is necessary to take the following measurements to guarantee that the size you choose is the correct one, and so that you have the most satisfactory experience possible.

It is best to take the measurements with a tape measure so that it can fit better around your body's curves. They should never be taken too close to the body, allowing a space of one finger under the tape, since clothing must be worn comfortably without being too tight.

Below, you will find an explanation about the measurements to take and you can also check the following picture:

1. Chest measurement:
This consists of wrapping the tape measure around your body,
always measuring the widest point of the chest. For women, the tape
measure should wrap around the middle point of the chest, while for
men their maximum width is under the armpit (see pictures).

2. Waist measurement:
This measurement consists of wrapping the tape measure around the body,
always measuring the waist approximately 1-2 fingers above the belly button.
If you are not sure where your waist is, try to bend to one side and the
inflection point marks your waist. Make sure you breathe normally
and do not pull your stomach in, so that the jacket will not be tight.
3. Hip measurement:
In the same way as the above measurement, wrap the tape
measure around the widest point of the hips and take the total measurement.
If you place both thumbs on each side of your waist and let your hands fall
onto your hips, the points you touch with your fingers are where you should measure.

4. Arm length when bent:
Take the measurement by bending your arm and measuring from the shoulder to the wrist.