These General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter “General Conditions”) aim to regulate the conditions of use and use of the Areas of the “website” hosted with the domain name for company La Condesa Conde, S.L, with Spanish Tax Code B-86050564, telephone number +34 910337353 and contact email address, which is the main email address appearing in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, whose corporate purpose is the provision of the company’s information and e-commerce services in the fashion services sector.

The use of the website confers to those who use it the condition of user, (hereinafter User), who understands and accepts without any reservation or exception, each and every one of the General Conditions stipulated in this document, as well as the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of La Condesa Conde, S.L.

By using the domain name, the users are able to access content and special services.

These General Conditions fully constitute the agreement between the parties regarding the online purchase and sales transactions between La Condesa Conde, S.L. and the users.

La Condesa Conde, S.L. is authorised to unilaterally modify each and every single responsibility stipulated in these General Conditions, without needing to give prior notice.

Likewise, it can restructure, modify or remove any information, service or content included on the website, without needing to give prior notice.


2.1. Conditions of Access and Use

Using the domain name, users can access information contained on the website.

The conditions of access for the website are subject to the legal provisions in force at the time, as well as the principles of good faith and legal use by the user, who is expressly and specifically prohibited from any type of activity that could be detrimental or harmful to La Condesa Conde, S.L. or any of its associates, clients and/or third parties.

The user shall protect all confidential documentation and information, avoiding the distribution of any content found on this website, on our Intranet, or any other Restricted area, as well as any information received by email or by other means.

La Condesa Conde, S.L. does not require prior subscription to browse the website.

With regards to the treatment of personal data, see the Privacy Policy of La Condesa Conde, S.L., please see:

2.1.1- User Registration

In accordance with the aforementioned provision, La Condesa Conde, S.L. reserves some of the services offered on its portal for users, for which it is necessary to fill out the corresponding forms, such as those in the e-commerce area.

2.2. Content and User Activity.

The user commits to legal, diligent, respectful ad correct use of any information or content accessed via the website of La Condesa Conde, S.L. or third parties previously provided by La Condesa Conde, S.L., all carried out under the principles of good faith and with respect for the current laws at all times.

The user shall refrain from obtaining, except for personal use, any information (understood as any message, sound files, photos, drawings, software or in general, any type of computer file, graphic etc...) that is the property of La Condesa Conde, S.L.

Likewise, the user shall commit to not provoking, either maliciously or intentionally, damage or injury that could harm or alter this website, its databases, files, as well as not introducing, nor spreading "computer viruses, Trojan horses or computer worms&quot, or any other type of threats that could produce alterations to the content or systems that make up the website of La Condesa Conde, S.L.

The commitment taken on for the use of content is regulated in accordance with the stipulations of the law, public morality and policy; to not copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, transform or modify the content without obtaining prior written consent from La Condesa Conde, S.L.

To this regard, La Condesa Conde, S.L. is exonerated from any type of computer fault or virus, or any threat introduced by third parties or due to connectivity failure, or the electricity network, unconnected to La Condesa Conde, S.L., caused by providers of Internet services or any other company.

The Registered User is committed to fulfilling all requirements set out concerning the intellectual, industrial, and other similar rights.

Website Content

The website’s main objective is to provide information about the company-s services and products.

The Database in the E-Commerce Area contains all the necessary information that the user may need, as well as constant updates to the prices and full technical descriptions of the products and services of the company.

The information provided should never be considered complete or exhaustive at any time, due to the possible variations in the products and services existing in La Condesa Conde, S.L. and the company shall try where possible to constantly update the prices and any other characteristic of the products and services.

It shall be the responsibility of the registered users to keep all of their identification and contact details up to date.

La Condesa Conde, S.L. states that the product or service offered corresponds with its technical description. However, it is exonerated from responsibility in those cases in which there are errors or variations in the technical description or price because of technical or human error.